Benefits of maintaining a routine

Maintaining a stable daily routine can sometimes be difficult for kids, particularly high-risk youth who may not have structure at home. Following a regular routine can have many benefits, including encouraging children and young people to start waking up, going to bed, eating and leaving the house at the same time every day. 

At DREAM, we offer a variety of at-risk youth Omaha programs to assist youth in our community. Our at-risk youth Omaha programs focus on developing skills and instilling routines in our students! Here are some more benefits of maintaining a routine for your children. 


Routines encourage cooperation

Generally speaking, a routine can help reduce feelings of anxiety and stress, thereby helping young people to cooperate with those around them. With a routine, kids can rest assured that their day will play out as expected and will not fear unexpected changes, increasing their willingness to trust the adults around them.


Routines help to assuage power struggles

With a routine, young people are less likely to feel as they are being forced into doing things when the right time comes for sleeping, eating dinner or turning off the television. This can make life much easier for adults as they do not have to feel as if they are constantly nagging and can reduce the likelihood of arguments starting.


Routines can help kids to feel in control

After a few weeks or months of following a routine, kids will start to do normal daily tasks by themselves without parents asking them to do so, such as: eating breakfast, making their beds, brushing their teeth and other daily activities. This can increase feelings of control and self-reliance, resulting in reducing the impulse to rebel or fight back against adult command.


Routines can improve sleep quality

Developing and maintaining a regular sleep schedule is also very beneficial for children. Getting up and going to bed at the same time every day can improve sleep quality and reduce instances of insomnia. As well as decreasing feelings of grouchiness, better sleep can boost academic performance and help kids to realize their own personal goals.


Routines teach kids the joys of patience

It is no secret that young people love instant gratification. However, with routine, they can learn instant gratification is not always present in life, and in turn, will start looking forward to things they may not usually have. Learning how to be patient is an important life skill that is not only necessary in school and work, but in building relationships, friendships and daily communication. 


Maintaining a routine is beneficial for everyone of any age, but benefits children significantly. When children are able to develop and maintain a routine, they will start seeing success in school, extracurricular activities and will be able to better manage their time. 

At DREAM, we offer programs for at-risk youth in the Omaha area. Our mission is to help the youth in our community learn and acquire useful life skills. Our after school and mentoring programs focus on just this! To learn more about our programs, visit our website today!