Tips for Student Athletes

As we head into the month of September, both academics and sports are starting to pick up a little and become busier. Sports games have started, and many students are beginning to take tests and have to write papers. For student athletes, it’s their job to efficiently balance schoolwork and studying with practice and games. This can be a tough transition, especially given how the last school year ended. However, all student athletes can easily balance this by focusing on time management. Here are some ways student athletes can be successful in both the classroom and on the field this school year! 


Start by Making Goals

To become successful in sports and school, all student athletes should start by making goals. These goals should be both academic and sports related. This will help young athletes become more organized in whatever they want to accomplish. Some examples of student athletes goals could be to get a certain grade in a class, to study x amount of hours a week for school or to win a starting position in your sport.

After student athletes create goals for their season and school year, it’s up to them to determine how they will accomplish these goals. Whether it’s staying after practice and getting extra work in, or seeking help from teachers and other faculty in the school, there are many ways and outside resources for student athletes to be successful in everything they do. 


Create a Schedule

A great way for student athletes to better manage their time and be successful is by creating a schedule, specifically a weekly schedule. This schedule should include practice times, games, workouts and any upcoming exams or papers. Creating a schedule allows student athletes to visually see everything they have on their plate for the week, and will give them an idea of when they will be able to get homework done or study for an exam. 


Sleep is Important

School and sports seasons will become very busy, which makes sleep a top priority. Poor sleep will negatively affect student athletes performance on the field and in the classroom. On the other hand, getting quality sleep and staying on a consistent schedule will help athletes feel more energized, focused and it will help their bodies fully recover. This is why keeping a consistent sleep schedule while balancing school and sports is beneficial for student athletes. 



Lastly, it’s important that all student athletes are communicating with their teachers and coaches and seeking help when needed. Getting behind in a class or not doing assignments can make athletes ineligible for their sports. If you are in need of help or do not understand the curriculum, seek help early. Communicating with teammates, fellow students, teachers and coaches will allow student athletes to be successful. 


It’s so important that student athletes are taking the proper steps in balancing sports and school. As a student athlete, school comes first. By creating goals, creating weekly schedules, getting quality sleep and communicating with others when help is needed, student athletes will set themselves up for success in both school and athletics. 

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