Benefits of Sports Specific Training for Youth Athletes

At Warren Academy, our sport-specific programs have the power to greatly improve the health and fitness levels of all athletes, young and old.  Sport-specific training involves the process of conditioning the mind and body to improve in areas such as endurance, strength, balance, agility, recovery, and power. Each training program is tailored to suit an athlete’s athletic needs and the sport in which they play.

As the sports industry becomes more competitive, young athletes are beginning to horn their athletic abilities earlier. Therefore, young athletes should be participating in a sports specific training program to build their core strength and become familiar with their athletic abilities. 


Here are some benefits of sports specific training programs for young athletes.


1. Improves speed and agility

Strength, speed and agility exercises are a vital part of sport-specific training since they provide power improvements in a way that is specific to the required sport and technique. Some of the exercises that develop these skills include sprints, plyometrics, and weight lifting that mimic the same movements made in the desired sport. These exercises help in improving speed and agility for acceleration and being able to stop and change direction quickly. For example, sprint training exercises such as cone drills help in developing explosive speed.


2. Improve performance and reduce injuries

Since sports specific training improves your speed, mobility, and power, your sporting performance also improves, allowing you to compete at all levels. By training your body to perform movements similar to your sport, you can prevent severe injuries while playing, which is vital for the health of all athletes. 


3. Metabolic conditioning

During sport specific training programs, athletes are conditioned to their sport or the particular role they play in a team sport. An example of this would be footwork drills for football defensive backs. Quick feet and change of direction are essential for DB’s to make plays on the field, which is why we work on this during our sport specific training programs. This is not only vital for older athletes but younger athletes who are wanting to develop correct technique and fundamentals as well. 


4. Visual skills

Lastly, sport-specific training helps athletes visualize why they are doing these drills. They are able to connect these drills to practices and games, making them much more understanding as to why they need to practice and improve these specific skills. In a way, sport-specific training can help athletes connect their offseason strength, speed, and agility training in season fundamentals! 

At Warren Academy, our sport-specific training program helps young athletes in various sports become solid fundamental players. Our training program not only improves confidence and awareness but also enhances knowledge of the game. Contact us today to enroll in our sport-specific training programs.