How Parents Can Help With Online School

The COVID-19 pandemic has and is continuing to change the definition of normal life. Omaha Public Schools made a decision last week for the school year to begin online, as well as start a week later. While there are still many uncertainties regarding this school year, and how long online learning will happen, it’s best to plan for the worse. 

For Omaha Public Schools, the school year will begin next Tuesday, Aug. 18. All students will take part in remote learning. Parents should be using this time to prepare themselves, and their kids for another online school year.

Every child is unique in their own way. Every child takes a different approach to learning. So the first step to help your children with online learning is to find out what works best for them. Studies have shown that in online learning, parents are often taking on the role of a teacher. That’s why figuring out the best way to help your child learn is so important. 

Here are some ways parents can help their children be successful while learning from home!


Create a daily schedule


To help guide your child while learning from home, it’s important to have a consistent daily schedule and routine for them to follow. At school, students are used to eating lunch, having recess and being in class at different times throughout the day. The same should go for at-home learning, and parents should try to incorporate a similar schedule! 


Provide Positive Feedback


While children are at school, they are receiving positive reinforcement and reassurance from teachers, counselors and peers. This should stay the same while children school from home, and it starts with the parents. A way parents can provide positive feedback is by creating a reward system, which will both motivate your children as well as let them know that their hard work is paying off. 


Limit Distraction


While kids are learning from home, there are many temptations, including their phones, tablets, television, video games and other things that may be distracting. These are all examples of interruptions to their learning. As parents, you should limit their use of their devices until they have completed everything they needed to get done for the day. You can also utilize designated breaks to allow your children to play outside, check their phones, eat lunch, etc. 


Make space for learning


Lastly, a classroom setting allows children to really concentrate and focus on learning. Parents should try to designate a spot at home to replicate this. Children achieve their best work in a quiet, comfortable and designated environment. Students should not be doing school work on the couch, but rather a space that is completely devoted to school and learning. 

While there are still many uncertainties on what this school year will look like, it’s inevitable that the year will start with remote learning. As parents, it’s your responsibility to help your child succeed in school, whether classes are in-person or at home. 

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