Mental Training Tips

At Warren Academy, we offer sport specific training programs to all youth athletes who want to compete and get better. Our training programs range from strength and conditioning to speed training, athlete yoga and more. Our programs are designed to help athletes grow athletically, accomplish their goals and get better each and every day.


The sports specific training programs we offer are vital when it comes to athlete development. However, in every sport, sports performance only gets an athlete so far. An athlete could be the strongest and fastest on his or her team, but their mentality is what will set them apart from the others. And just like speed and strength, athletes should be training their minds to become better. 


As fall sports begin, all athletes should be starting to mentally prepare for the upcoming season. Here are some great tips on how athletes can train their minds as sports return. 


Stay process focused

When it comes to reaching your goals and staying on track for success, all athletes need to focus on the process. But what does this mean? The process is all the small things an athlete needs to accomplish while working towards his or her goals. Staying focused happens when athletes focus on the present, what they need to get done in the moment. A lot of the time, young athletes will spend way too much time focusing on the outcome rather than the present. Staying focused on the present will help athletes grow and succeed. 


Let go quickly

Something all athletes, young and old, need to work on is having a short-term memory when it comes to mistakes. Every athlete will mess up here and there, but it’s important that they are keeping their head up rather than getting down on themselves. It’s important that athletes are learning from these mistakes, but not dwelling on them. 


Expect adversity to happen

In order for athletes to grow mentally, they need to expect adversity and grow from these hardships. It’s inevitable that athletes will experience adverse situations, both in sports and in life. Oftentimes, especially in today’s world, athletes view adversity as if they are victims. Athletes should expect difficulties, rather than feeling like a victim. Expecting adversity will help you stay in control and feel comfortable when it’s your turn to make a big play. 

Believe in your purpose and yourself

Lastly, the best way an athlete can prepare mentally\ for their sport is by believing in their purpose and believing in themselves. Every athlete on every team has a purpose, a goal and an identity. In order to be successful, you will need to fully believe in yourself, your purpose and never let anything get in the way. 

A great way to do this is by self-talking yourself through good and bad moments. Self-talk should be positive but honest, like the way you would talk to your best friend. This will enhance your self-confidence, calm you down and prepare you mentally for the next play or the next game. 

Athlete mentality is so important for every athlete of every sport. Training your mind to battle through adversity, to learn from your mistakes, and to believe in yourself will help you not only become tougher, but more successful, in both sports and life. 

At Warren Academy we offer sport specific training programs for all athletes with the desire to become great! Visit our website to learn more about our sports performance programs!