Qualities of a good mentor

Everyone at some point in their life will or have been influenced by mentorship in some way or another. Whether it’s children learning and developing new skills or adults who experience change from being a mentor, it’s safe to say that mentoring is very meaningful and powerful. 

When it comes to youth mentoring, there are certain qualities of a mentor that will make a lasting impact on our youth. Here are some qualities of a mentor that are very beneficial to our youth. 


They express positivity 

One of the most important qualities of a good mentor is being positive in all ways possible. When mentors strive to be positive at all times, they are able to ease doubts and reassure their mentees that with enough work ethic and dedication, they will become successful. This can be accomplished in many ways, but especially when the mentee is feeling down or has negative thoughts about something. 


They are good listeners 

A good mentor knows how to be an active listener. This is crucial, especially in youth mentoring. Kids should feel as though they can tell their mentors anything, and by actively listening, mentors allow their mentees to express their feelings more freely. By vigilantly listening, mentors offer youth a friend they can share anything with. 


They provide support

A good mentor will always support and encourage their mentees. This is a very important role as a mentor, especially when mentoring teens and younger children. Being supportive and encouraging will help children overcome obstacles, as well as let them know that they have someone who cares for them and wants to see them succeed. 


They give perspective

Since adults have years of life experience under their belts, a good mentor will offer youth their perspective on certain aspects of life. It can be difficult for children to wrap their heads around both sides of an argument or opinion, and by giving their own perspectives and sharing their own life experiences, children are able to learn and become more optimistic. 


They limit judgment

A good mentor will try their best to limit judgment of any kind while mentoring. One of the best ways to do this is by asking questions, listening, and being honest and positive. By doing this, children will be able to dig deeper into certain situations and improve their problem-solving skills


They provide constructive feedback

One of the key responsibilities of a mentor is to give feedback to their mentees. Providing constructive feedback allows for the mentees to grow and be able to identify their own strengths and weaknesses, as well as understand what they need to improve or work on to become successful. Providing good feedback should include superior feedback, and mentors should look to challenge their mentees to help foster developmental skills and feelings of accomplishment. 

There are many qualities of a mentor that all mentors must possess in order to be successful. A good mentor should be positive, they should be supportive and they should giving their mentee a friend in which they can trust. 


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