Benefits of maintaining a routine for children

In today’s age, kids generally excel when they have a stable routine. However,  maintaining a daily routine can sometimes be difficult for kids, especially when parents aren’t always present at home. By developing a routine, children are given structure in which they can follow, and are able to develop healthy daily habits. This can include waking up at a reasonable time, making their bed each day, brushing their teeth, performing homework,at-home chores and much more. 

At DREAM, we offer many programs that benefit high risk youth in the Omaha, Nebraska area. While our programs are tailored around academics and teaching life skills, we can only do so much. That’s why parents should really take time for their children when they are at home. Developing and maintaining a daily routine will help high risk youth stay busy and focused on their goals. Here are some other benefits of maintaining a routine! 


Routine encourage cooperation 


Generally speaking, a routine can help reduce feelings of anxiety and stress, and can ultimately help kids cooperate with those around them. By developing a routine, kids are ensured that their day will play out as expected, and will not fear unexpected changes. This helps children trust their parents and adults whom they spend their time with. Just like in school, routines help children stay on track with what they need to do, and create good habits.


Routines help create a more calm home environment


When routines are implemented at home, both children and parents know and understand what to expect, which in turn will help reduce stress and anxiety. This will also help children feel valued as they are expected to perform tasks around the house and help their family. 


Routines help eliminate power struggles


With a routine, young people feel less like they are being forced into doing things when the right time comes for sleeping, eating dinner or switching off the television. This can make life much easier for adults as they do not have to feel as if they are constantly nagging and it can reduce the likelihood of arguments erupting.


Routines can improve sleep quality


Getting up and going to bed at the same time every day can improve sleep quality and reduce troubled sleeping. Getting an ample amount of sleep at night helps children feel energized during each day, and can boost academic performance. When children are fully focused and energized they are able to fully reach their own personal goals.


Routines teach kids the joys of patience


It is no secret that young people love instant gratification. However, with routine, they can learn to defer this gratification and start enjoying the notion of looking forward to things. Learning how to be patient is an important life skill that will serve them well in adulthood.


Developing and maintaining a steady routine at home is beneficial for all children, and especially high risk youth. Routines help eliminate stress, create daily habits and ultimately keep kids occupied and out of trouble. 

At DREAM, we offer a variety of programs to help young children establish healthy habits and quality life skills. To learn more about our programs, visit our website today!