At Home Workout Ideas

During this time of quarantine, athletes all over the country are being forced to workout at home as fitness and training facilities shut down. While at home, there may be many distractions that can make you less motivated to work out. However, athletes of all ages should continue to improve their strength, speed, agility and overall athleticism. 

Some athletes have equipment at home that will help make this training transition much easier, while others don’t have any equipment. Either way, there are many exercises athletes can do to improve their athleticism. Here are some easy bodyweight exercises for athletes training at home! 

Strength Training Exercises

One area athletes should be continuing to focus on is strength training. Even if you don’t have a bench press, squat rack, or barbell at home, athletes can still be exercising to increase and maintain strength! 


Almost every athlete is familiar with lunges, as it is often added into warm-up stretching routines. However, lunges are a great way to build strength in your lower body. This exercise primarily works the quadriceps, hamstrings, glutes and calves! To make your lunges more difficult, try doing it while holding heavy objects in your house. 


Pushups are another exercise we are all familiar with. This workout focuses on increasing upper body strength, specifically your chest, shoulders, triceps and back. Doing pushups every day will help any athlete maintain strength during this quarantine! 


Planks are a very effective exercise that works multiple muscles at once! Usually, people associate planks with ab workouts, as it helps improve your core strength and stability. However, plants also strengthen the muscles in your back, chest and shoulders. This is another great and simple way athletes can maintain muscle strength at home! 

Speed and Agility Exercises

Another area athletes need to focus on working on is speed and agility. If you have cones or plyometric boxes at home, you may find it easier to work on this. If you don’t have that equipment, don’t worry! 

Sprints / shuttle runs

A very obvious way to increase your speed is ultimately running sprints. Now, this is very easy to do at home, as you are able to run in your own yard or sidewalks. When doing sprints at home, focus on being explosive, especially from the start, as well as staying low to the ground. Also, it’s not a bad idea to have someone else time you, as that can help hold you accountable in running hard every rep. 


Another exercise that helps improve speed and agility are burpees. Doing burpees helps you become more explosive as well as trains your muscles to work together. These can easily be done in your basement if you have room, or outside in your lawn. 

Squat jumps

Squat jumps are very effective when it comes to improving speed, agility and overall athleticism. This is also an exercise that only requires you, and helps build strength in your leg muscles. Focus on being explosive off the ground, and try to jump as high as you can. 

Lastly, it’s important that athletes are staying safe while exercising at home. Be sure to wear proper workout shoes and clothing, as well as stretch before and after your workouts. If you decide to use at-home objects as weights, be careful! Athletes should be focusing on working hard and having fun, while keeping their safety in mind. 

Although the Instagram pushup challenge is fun, athletes should be doing much more to prepare themselves for when sports resume. Athletes who don’t push themselves during this time will find others becoming bigger, faster and stronger than them. Don’t let this pandemic hold you back, keep grinding!