Ways to be a good friend

Some of our greatest friendships start when we are young, and it can develop into lasting relationships forever. Often times we go about these friendships without even realizing how meaningful they are to us and others. Friends bring us joy, excitement and love into our lives.

A true friend is there for you no matter what, and having one in your life is a blessing. Being the best friend you can be is something we should all strive to be. Here are some ways how to be a good friend. 

Be honest

Friends make promises, and when those promises are broken friendships are affected. To be a great friend, you first must be 100 percent honest. Your friends should be people who you can trust and tell anything to, and in return, you should be the same. When a friend asks you to keep a secret, you shouldn’t go around telling others. Being real, honest, and trustworthy is one of the greatest ways to be a good friend. 


Everyone makes mistakes, even our friends. Instead of turning our back on those who care for us, talk it out. Forgiveness is important in maintaining long term friendships. 

Be yourself

A true friend will like you for who you are. There is no need to act like someone you’re not to “look cool” or impress others. Being yourself will not only make you happier but it will help you build friendships. 

Be loyal

Great friends will be loyal to you, through the good and the bad. Loyalty kind of acts like honesty in the fact that they both shape friendships. Always being there for others and being by their side even when things are shaky will help your friendships grow and become stronger.

Be interdependent  

Another thing to realize about friendships is that no matter how close you and someone else might be, they can’t and won’t be there for every minute of every day. Feeling this shows dependency and is not good for friendships. It is good to be aware of this and act accordingly. 

Always be happy for them 

At some point in life, our friends will succeed when we don’t. Whether it’s making a high school  sports team, getting a new job or being accepted into their dream school, you should always be happy and show joy towards your friends' success. This lets  your friends know that you care and are proud of their accomplishments, and true friends should show the same love and support back! 

Watch out for them

Lastly, it’s important that you are watching out for your friends. If your friends start making bad decisions or start doing things they shouldn’t be, talk to them about it. As it is important that you accept your friend for who they are, it’s also important to look out for them and make sure they are happy. 

Being a great friend isn’t a tough task, and it will develop friendships that last forever. Hopefully these tips helped show you how to be a good friend. 

At DREAM, we always offer a friend to whoever needs one. We teach our students how to be a good friend.  Our after school and mentoring programs put a great emphasis on friendship and how to treat others with kindness and respect. Visit our website to learn more about our youth programs!