The benefits of strength training for athletes

In youth sports today, strength training and conditioning training are becoming more and more popular. Although many parents worry about the possible dangers of youth strength training, especially in younger athletes, it also comes with plenty of benefits. Here are some benefits of strength training all parents and athletes should know. 

Creates a foundation

When athletes start strength training at a young and appropriate age, they create a foundation for their future athletic performance. Strength training helps athletes develop basic motor skills such as muscle movements and coordination, which  play a significant role in everyday athletics. Instilling this into young athletes early allows them gradually better these skills as they get older. Obviously, depending upon the age and size of the athlete, they may be limited to only doing pretty basic lifts and exercises. However, this allows athletes to get a feel of what strength training is and its basic fundamentals starting at a young age. 

Injury Prevention

It’s inevitable that injuries are going to happen during sports competition. Whether it’s a muscle strain, ligament tear or broken bone, athletes are generally at a higher risk of injuries due to the high speed and physicality of sports. This is where strength training comes into help. A comprehensive, well-organized, properly-administered strength program results in muscle-tendon units that are more resilient to the stresses sustained in athletic activities. In other words, strength training allows athletes to better prepare their bodies physically for all of the sweat and hard work they are putting in at practices and games, and also allows for athletes to increase their stamina, flexibility, and overall performance on the field or in the gym. 

Increases Strength

Probably the most obvious benefit of strength training is that it makes athletes stronger. Athletes of every sport need strength, and it has been recognized that young athletes usually see more muscle gains. Starting to build muscle from an early age will set you apart from the rest, and allow for athletes to reach athletic goals later on in life. 

Builds Self-Esteem 

Another benefit to strength training in young athletes is an increase in confidence and self-esteem. Being confident on the field, court or track is a vital part of mental strength for athletes, and is something strength training can boost. Strength training programs help young athletes focus, gain attention and become more motivated and dedicated. This boost of confidence and determination helps athletes sports performance as well as ordinary avenues of life. 

Increase athletic performance

Lastly, strength training helps athletes of any age boost their overall performance. Strength training programs in young athletes should focus on speed, agility, strength, power, endurance, mobility, stability, balance and durability; all of which are vital to an athlete's performance! 

Strength training is a big part of an athlete's life and acts as a foundation for an athlete's future. Although there’s a lot of speculation on whether or not young athletes should partake in strength training, the benefits of strength training show that with the right program and right exercises, young athletes benefit extremely from strength training programs. 

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