Promoting a Healthy Lifestyle

In today’s world, “healthy living” is a common trend. With this being a trend, our children don’t always feel the same. Our youth is growing up in a time where there’s all sorts of distractions. Tv, video games, mobile phones and tablets may have some educational value to them, but can also act as an adversary to healthy living. It’s important parents are taking the time at home to promote and be an example healthy lifestyle habits at home! 

Healthy Eating

It may seem obvious, but one of the most crucial parts of a healthy lifestyle is eating healthy meals! Yeah, fast food tastes good and is quick and easy, but it doesn’t compliment many healthy benefits. Parents should be incorporating all types of nutrients, vegetables, fruits, healthy grains and proteins in every meal. Eating family dinners, planting a garden, limiting the amount you eat out and purchasing healthy snacks are ways parents can implement and promote this at home. Parents should also lead by example, by eating staying consistent in their healthy eating habits as well! 

Also, when it comes to beverages, water is ultimately the most healthy drink that will keep your children hydrated the best. It’s also the best drink to quench your thirst! Try staying away from sugary drinks like juices, sports drinks and sodas, as they contain high levels of added sugar! Milk should also be incorporated every day as well, it is a great source of calcium and promotes bone health. 

Get Active 

Another part of a healthy lifestyle is exercise. Regular physical activity is important for the healthy growth, development and well being of children and young people. Children should be getting at least an hour of physical activity each day, which can include running, riding a bike, doing obstacle courses, playing sports; basically anything that gets them off the couch and outside! It’s important that parents are paying attention to this, and demonstrating exercise by participating in activities as well. 

Making sure your children are active will also help reduce stress and make your kids feel more relaxed. On top of that, it can also boost confidence and help with their mental health as well! Everyone can use a little less screen time and little more exercise!

Get Quality Sleep

Lastly, to top of the healthy lifestyle you and your children should be getting quality sleep at night, on a consistent schedule. Obviously, it’s tough to go to bed and wake up at the exact same time each night and morning, however, developing a sleep routine is beneficial for both children and parents.

Healthy sleep is vital for your physical health, essential for your mental health and improves memory and focus. Children should strive to get anywhere from eight to 12 hours of sleep per night, while adults should be getting at least seven to eight hours of sleep a night


Healthy eating, getting active and getting quality sleep all compliment each other and help promote a healthy lifestyle. It’s a parent's job to make sure they are providing this type of lifestyle for their kids at home. 


At DREAM, we understand parents can be busy. We understand that work and other obligations are very important. That’s why we offer after school programs that promote academics and healthy living. Visit our website or give us a call to learn more about our programs!