The impact of after-school tutoring

The importance of academics and learning is crucial for children of all ages. Kids today are learning so much in school, but everyone’s learning styles and capabilities are uniquely different. Some students excel in a large classroom setting where they can stay focused; others find small group exercises more beneficial. Whatever the case may be, gathering knowledge at a young age is incredibly important. 

After school programs that put an emphasis on learning, school work, and fun at the same time is very beneficial, especially if you’re a parent who can’t pick their child up right when school gets out. There are many reasons why after school programs are a great option for your children. Whether your child is struggling in school, or just needs more of a challenge, tutoring can help. 


Impact of Tutoring 


Improved Learning Attitude

If a student struggles to keep up in class, they may feel discouraged. This can play a big role in their homework, and whether or not they are going to put in a lot of focus and effort into it. Tutoring helps children become more engaged in learning, which every student can benefit from. This can boost their confidence, as well as excitement and make learning more enjoyable for them both in the classroom and at home. 

Pick Up Skills

Tutoring is great for getting your child the academic help he or she might need, but it can also play a big part in gathering life skills as well. Usually, a tutor will help students better understand academic material, but also give tips and help develop skills that will benefit them in their futures. Children will learn study habits, organization skills, time management skills, get into more of a routine that will benefit them as they grow, and much more! Being able to develop habits like this at a young age will greatly impact your child. 


Another way tutoring impacts children is that it is personalized towards the student. Unlike a classroom setting, tutoring is usually one on one attention which includes direct feedback. This helps children discover and understand their own strengths and weaknesses, and what they need to be doing to improve their academic skills. 

Builds Confidence

Probably one of the greatest impacts tutoring has on children would be how it helps build confidence, not just in school but in life. Confidence is key to everything we do in the world, but is especially important to children during the learning stages of their lives. A child will do or enjoy doing something he is confident in before taking risks. Building confidence through tutoring will not only help students excel in class and on tests, but will also get them to try new things outside of school.  

After school programs that include tutoring are a great way to give your child the resources they need and deserve when you aren’t home to do so. School can be challenging, but with the help of tutoring, every student deserves to achieve academic success. 


Here at DREM, we take great pride in teaching our after school program children both academic and life skills that will better them for their futures. We understand the importance of every child receiving the necessary resources to succeed, and that is why we do what we do. Contact us to learn more about our after school programs and how they can impact your child. Join DREAM!