How to stay safe and be prepared during Summer vacations

Taking your family on Summer vacation to Disneyland, camping or to the warm beaches of the Pacific Ocean? While all of these traveling plans are exciting adventures to your kids and spouse, they can be overwhelming for you to plan.  

Save yourself from the stressors of vacation with these travel safety tips!


Travel safety tips for when you’re packing your bags!

When it comes to packing your bags, it’s so easy to forget things along the way. Another issue parents can run into is overpacking out fear of forgetting items. Overloading your bags with things you don’t need is not helpful. So, how can you avoid these irritating habits?

Step 1: Make a list. 

Try to put together a list of things you’ll be using instead. For example, if you’re going to be swimming you’ll need sunscreen, towels, flip flops and swimsuits. 

Step 2: Bring the safety essentials!

Pack all of your safety essentials before toys and other accessories! You’ll be glad you did when you need a band aid two seconds into the trip. 

Step 3: Follow proper plane protocols!

Read up on the regulations that are set by your airline, such as amount of liquids you can have. You may also need to weigh your luggage before hand to make sure you meet the weight requirements.

Step 4: Plan room in your bags for nic-nacs!

One of the hardest steps to do is to leave room for keepsakes for your trip home. If you can’t manage to find room, you might have to scale back on the T-shirts, seashell picture frames and fridge magnets you would normally be purchasing. Let that motivate you!

Step 5: Put valuables in your carry-on!

Keeping valuables close-by isn’t just for security, but it’s also convenient as you make your way through the airport. For example, if you want to buy something after your flight you can without digging through bags for your wallet!

Travel safety tips to secure your home!

Making sure your home is secure whether you’re away for two days, a week or more is good for your peace of mind. It allows you to enjoy your vacation with little distractions from things happening at home. 

Step 1: Have a security plan in place!

Your preferences will play a big role in finding the best security plan for your family. If you’re into smart home automation devices or hiring yourself a neighbor watchdog each has their benefits. 

For example, with a smart home device you can trick burglars by making them think someone is home. You can accomplish this in several ways, such as, light bulbs on timers, video cameras, light sensors or alarms. 

Whereas a neighbor watchdog can physically check-in on your home and park their car in your driveway to make it appear like someone's home. Either way both options are helpful ways to secure your home while you’re away. 

Travel safety tips for while you’re on vacation

Making sure that your family is safe on vacation is always important; even if it requires setting rules on your vacay. 

Rule 1: You can never have too much supervision near water!

  • Drowning
  • Sharks
  • Sunburn
  • Time spent at the pool

Rule 2: Know who to contact for medical emergencies on vacation. 

  • Local law enforcement
  • Nearby hospitals or medical centers
  • Have travel insurance

No matter where you are traveling to, us these travel safety tips to ensure you have the best family vacation with the least amount of worries!

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