Charities that need your support during the holidays

Charity is defined as an organization set up to provide help and raise money for those in need. It’s also defined as the voluntary giving of help, typically in the form of money, to those in need.

Ideally, organizations in need of a little charity work are not only helping the needy, but also bringing an equitable balance in the world. During the holiday season, it can be a tough challenge to understand the best charities that might literally require your help. Below is a list of a few charities that you may not have ever heard of, but really need your help during the holidays.

Shoes That Fit - The mission of this organization is to help children attend school with comfort and dignity by providing shoes. The organization was started back in 1992, and has supported around 1.4 million children across the country. In order to help these kids flourish, you can donate different pairs of shoes to their recent holiday campaign. You don’t have to donate just shoes though. You can also make a cash donation too.

Better World Books - Founded in 2002, Better World Books is a self-sustaining organization with an idea to promote literacy, by way of a social enterprise. This holiday, you can donate your child’s old books to this organization, while promoting the idea of equal education. The organization commenced with an idea of selling old books, but later turned out to be one of the renowned organizations to support the cause of literacy and education.

No Kid Hungry - This is one of America’s leading charity based organizations that supports the cause to end hunger, especially in children. The organization works towards providing nutritious meals for all children. It’s said that one in five children in the country fight hunger.  When the organization began back in 2006, it started supporting children through various programs and campaigns. They provide meals and breakfasts in schools as a part of the regular school day.

Wildlife Conservation Society - Around the world, wildlife is in critical danger. Elephants and tigers are being hunted for their parts. The homes of gorillas are destroyed for mining. Chimps and parrots are being sold into the pet trade. Commenced in 1895, the organization works worldwide to support wildlife and wild animals. It is committed to supporting the cause of saving wildlife and its integral life on earth. Their goal is to inspire a diverse, inclusive movement of conservation advocates.

KaBoom - Only one in four kids in the U.S. is getting the recommended daily amount of physical activity. That means, in a class of 20 students, only 5 are truly able to be a kid for just one hour each day. By 2017 KaBoom had directly built over 3,000 playgrounds. Combined with other grants over a 20 year history, KaBoom has built or improved over 17,000 play spaces. KaBoom works to bring play to everyday spaces.

DREAM, one of the Midwest’s well-known youth mentoring organizations, provides life-changing and life-enriching experiences to at-risk youth through mentoring and after-school programs in Omaha, Nebraska, and Springfield, Missouri. Their proven approach puts children in a comfortable setting where they’re encouraged to discuss openly, learn, and grow as individuals. Are you interested in getting involved with DREAM? Contact us today.