You’re an awesome parent

It’s very natural for parents to feel like they are failing their kids. Many parents hold themselves to a higher standard as they raise their kids. It’s easy to compare yourself to other parents or other families. Don’t worry, you’re doing great, and there are signs from your kids that will confirm that.

Sometimes when and where your child decides to have an emotional meltdown is difficult. You don’t want to see a temper tantrum in the middle of the mall. However, your child’s ability to express anger, sadness or fear right in front of you is a good sign that they feel emotionally safe with you.

When children hide their feelings from parents, often that is a sign of a big problem in the parent-child relationship. Avoid shutting down or distracting your child out of their feelings. Pay attention and show appreciation for them.

Parents should feel an immense sense of pride when their child is coming to them as a call for help when in the face of adversity. This means you have been providing a secure base that your child can turn to if they need help. Facing problems is never easy, especially for kids.

A good way to encourage this behavior is to embrace your child with open arms and listen to their problems when they try to reach out. If the problem seems small or petty, remember that they are coming to you with small problems now, which could help them come to you with bigger issues later.

Pursuing interests and talents help children feel a sense of mastery and achievement. It can engage children in a positive light through their teenage and young adult years. It can teach persistence and help protect against risky and dangerous behavior. It is a wonderful way to help your child excel at something they love.

Don’t direct your child into an interest that may be a unmet dream of your own. Forcing a child to excel in something that they aren’t passionate about can lead to a whole mess of issues. It can set up your child to feel failure, bouts of immense pressure and feeling controlled.

Being able to guide your child's behavior by setting considerable boundaries and limits is imperative. Children without limits and boundaries often end up in a lot of trouble or very lost.  Boundaries will help children feel loved and valued, even if they don’t necessarily like the boundaries set in place. Helpful limits will include a bedtime routine, respectful language towards you and your family, and not attending parties where alcohol is supplied.

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