How to get recruited for college athletics

Every young athlete dreams of the day when all those endless practices, scrummages, exhausting competitions might turn into their chance to play at the division one collegiate level. The sad reality of it is, very few athletes actually end up making to an NCAA-member institution to compete. Even fewer of those athletes receive an athletic scholarship.

No matter what anyone person or organization claims, no one can guarantee you or your child an athletic scholarship. There are sources and strategies along the way that can help take control of the recruiting process and ultimately can help make an athlete’s dream come true.

Classes are key

Long before college information starts flooding your mailbox or recruiting tapes can be reviewed; student-athletes should make sure they are taking the proper classes as soon as they enter their freshman year of high school. Classes are the number one thing that can affect a student-athletes NCAA eligibility.

As soon as your student-athlete enters high school, have their guidance counselor assist them in choosing course requirements that fulfill NCAA standards. A high school counselor can ensure your course schedule meets the proper number of English and math courses.

Register with the NCAA

Students must register with the NCAA Eligibility Center to validate their status as an amateur athlete. This is to ensure that your star student-athlete isn’t a second baseman for the Chicago Cubs or a running back for the Dallas Cowboys.

The process is quick and easy. You’ll need $50 and your social security number. Don’t leave this until the very last minute. Every year students will miss out on the chance to play collegiately because they fail to register on time. The easiest way to avoid this problem is to register by the beginning of your junior year of high school.

Create your recruiting video

A recruiting video is one of the most important ways an athlete can attract the attention of coaches and recruiters. Many athletes can come up short in this area by producing a video with poor video quality or unnecessary elements. Your video should depend on the sport you play. Play-by-play sports like volleyball, football and baseball generally work best with 15-25 highlight plays that will showcase your ability best. Continuous sports like soccer, basketball and lacrosse should have 10 to 15 highlight plays with and additional game talk included to show real-time ability.

Keep your video short, simple, and as professional looking as possible. If you don’t have the funds to higher a professional, it’s important you use a tripod and avoid shaking camera movements. Skip the heavy musical soundtrack and colorful graphics.

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