Boost your health and performance with pre-workout nutrition

Power foods are required if your student-athlete is going to get through a long, strenuous workout.  By consuming power foods, it will help your body maintain the energy it needs to get through a workout, and help you see the desired changes you want to see in your athletic abilities.

By not taking care of your body's nutrition requirements, you could fall ill or injure yourself in the process. If you are a student looking to power your body with nutrition or an athlete looking to train your body for an upcoming performance, pay attention to these foods before working out.


Bananas are abundant sources of carbohydrates, potassium and natural sugars. Consume a banana 30 minutes before your workout and the potassium won’t be stored in your body for a long time. Eating this energy rich fruit enhances your blood sugar levels and boosts glycogen stores in your body. If you are looking for some extra protein, try adding peanut butter.

Rice, Chicken and Vegetables

These are power foods that are high in nutrition. By consuming these in the appropriate quantities, you benefit from the amino acids required for muscle growth. Consume a meal with these super foods at least two hours before you go for a work out.


Avocados are a delicious, healthy and rich source of good fats. If you are deeply concerned about nutrition, it’s advised that you eat this incredible fruit before your work out, even though you are not hungry. Avocados are largely recommended by nutritionists for athletes and people opting for a tough workout.

Fruit smoothies

Fruit smoothies taste great and boost your energy and health. They are a rich source of natural sugars, comprising of fructose that guarantee required calories. However, do not consume fruit smoothies as a replacement for your meal. Instead, have them before your workout to ensure maximum glucose levels. You can also add protein powder to your smoothies.

Sweet Potato, Brown Rice and Wholegrain Bread

Consume these power foods two hours before your tough work out. Complex carbohydrates are abundant in all three of these foods, especially when combined with a protein. They will give you enough energy required to make it through a tough workout. If you are an athlete, or into any rigorous physical activity, carbohydrates are a must-have. These super foods come with great nutrition and are the healthiest.

Apple Wedges With Peanut Butter

Are you a foodie looking to add some nutrition to your pre-workout diet? Have some apple wedges with peanut butter. If you are restricting carbohydrates and calories, this is the best option. Satisfy your taste buds with the crunchy peanuts while gaining carbs and glucose from the apple. This protein-rich food should be consumed 30 minutes before your workout for the best results.

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