Useful tips to prevent youth sports injuries

It’s common for kids to get hurt while playing sports, but it becomes important to look into the matter when it comes to serious sports injuries. On the field, sports injuries can lead to fractures, sprains, strains, abrasions and many more serious consequences. They can even harm the overall growth of your child. Injuries that happen during sports play, can be prevented by taking proper and timely measures. It’s important to do so because in many cases, younger athletes take a much longer time to heal as their bodies are still developing.

As per recent studies, football, soccer, and basketball are the most common sports often leading to serious pediatric injuries. As a parent, the main effort should be directed towards preventing sports injuries in the first place itself.

Take gaps

First you should make sure your child has at least one day off per week and about one whole month off while training for a certain sport. This gap will function as a reset period for your body and reduce any chances of sports-related injuries.

Recovery will allow the body to replenish itself and repair any damaged muscle or tissue and allow you to regain energy and fluids lost while working out. Keep in mind there are two types of recovery, short-term and long-term. Short-term recovery will allow the body to cool down, repair soft tissues, muscles, tendons and ligaments. Long-term recovery should be built into a long-term or seasonal training program. It’s also a time when athletes and coaches should change workouts and make changes to intensity.

Wear proper sport gear

One of the best sports injury prevention methods is  protecting your body with the help of the right sports gear like elbow and knee pads, face guards and helmets. Shielding your body with such protective gear will definitely reduce the chances of harming your body on the field.

Don’t ignore pain

Student athletes should never play through the pain or neglect it for long periods of time. You need to ensure recovery for all injuries, no matter how small they are.

Avoid practicing in extreme temperatures

If you have to play outside in extreme heat or humid temperatures, it’s best for student-athletes to wear light-clothing and drink plenty of water to prevent any kind of heat-related illnesses.

Adhere to the technique

Last but not the least, you can also prevent sports injuries by sticking to the right techniques of the sport you are playing. It’s always important to play safe and follow the rules set up for games that are more prone to sports injuries like baseball, football, and hockey.

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