Why you shouldn’t overwork your student-athlete

For adults, it’s much easier to adjust your body to physical activity. We are able to gain and lose weight all the time. For kids though, there can  be various side effects. Popular phrases in sports training like, “No pain, no gain” or “Practice makes perfect” can be misleading. These kinds of thoughts can create misconceptions for kids that training on the field is always better, but this  assumption is wrong.

Your child’s body and mind are growing now. It has a limit for how much it can be stretched in terms of training. Once you cross the limit, it will result in physical injuries and cn follow them later in life.

Overworking will expose your child to pressure

Today’s world is growing increasingly competitive and you want your child to be successful at any cost. Sometimes, it can be difficult for parents to see how their son or daughter is working from sunrise to sunset. If you child is coming home and going right to bed, it’s time to slow down. Your child may have no social life, with no time for friends.

Overworking will take the free time away from your child

Many parents and teachers believe a child must have structure and discipline from early stages in life. While this  may be good in some instances, it can cause your student-athlete to take on more coursework and training than they have time for. It’s important to realize the importance of free time in your child’s life. Your child’s brain is more creative during free time. It is especially important for your college aged kids to have free time to plan for their future and study. This will further enhance their creativity and they will perform better in school.

Overworking will stop your child from spending time alone

For kids, teens and young adults ,some time alone can be both valuable and important. When spending time alone, your child will learn more about themselves. Once they understand more about their own self, they will be able to find the things they love in life. Parents need to understand the fine balance of a busy schedule and not overfilling a resume for their kid.

It’s important to find out the special talents your child possesses and let them excel. They will find joy in athletics, have respect for coaches, and learn better sportsmanship.