Parenting tips: how to keep your grade-school child happy and healthy

A child asserting his/her’s independence comes at a age when guidance is still needed. Every passing birthday creates a seismic shift in behaviors and thought processes, but so should yours. The journey highlights a fine balance between what should self-discovery look like for a child with how much space should a family give during the process.

In elementary school, your child can get dressed without your help, knows which foods they love or detest and observe the world around them through their limited frame of reference without always needing an interpretation of things seen or heard.

While in a learning environment, not only are they studying new mathematical concepts and the A,B,C’s of language arts, they’re also uncovering dimensions of who they are innately through experiences and knowledge.

At this age, children form bonds outside of the family nucleus with peers as they understand friendships better and the roles they play in life. Their social, physical and mental skills also develop during this time. These life-modifying events make this age even more symbolic.

Here’s a list of parenting tips you can implement for your school-age child.  

Develop improved connection

Give space, but not too much. Don’t refrain from developing your connection with your child. In fact, fostering connections is a fundamental   thing to do that will build into their character development and follow them later into adulthood. Always remember how a connected childhood leads to a happy childhood.

As your child grows  up, he or she needs further communication. Without it, the child may feel isolated which is never a good thing.

Do not let your kid push your buttons

Easier said than done as kids at this age explore more possibilities and sometimes it includes your patience.Your son or daughter will  have a lot of desires and demands. However, you already know your job is not to fulfill all of them.

Yes, you have heard it right. Long-term happiness for your child must be the focus. Short-term happiness by fulfilling all their desires is not what you should do. Prepare them for the real world.

Protecting the child’s physical health

You want to  protect your child from harm, at all times. Your child is maturing but safeguarding their growth is equally important. Especially, maintaining their physical health is necessary.

For instance, make them understand  and follow traffic rules, teach them water safety and how to swim, keep an eye on them when they are performing any risky activity like climbing, etc.

Keep them healthy

Keeping your child healthy is not a light undertaking. Start with a healthy diet. Make sure he or she is not consuming food or drinks with added sugar, solid fat and salt.

Ensure your child is involved in proper physical activities for at least an hour every day.

Be a good judge of talent

Always encourage correct behavior. If your child makes a mistake then make him/her understand what  he/she did wrong. Subsequently, when a child makes a right move or when commits something right – praise your kid.

People may believe the best way to rear a child is known to them. However, you must remember parenting is one-dimensional work. Parents must fashion their parenting style according to their child’s mindset. By doing so, you will  solve more than half of the problems.