Tips for keeping your student athlete healthy

It’s no secret that participating in sports is beneficial to a child’s physical and emotional state. With these benefits comes a risk factor, athletes of all ages and levels suffer sports-related injuries every year. Preventing youth sports injuries is something that we should all work toward. Use these tips to minimize injury and keep your student athlete healthy on and off the field.

Regular eye exams

Vision and other physical disabilities can cause injuries during a sporting event. An eye exam may reveal that an athlete needs corrective lenses or prescription goggles. Proper vision is essential to being able to analyze and react to a situation. If a soccer ball is flying at your child’s head, being able to dodge a collision could be a matter of life and death.

Wait on specialization

Student athletes should be encouraged to try a wide variety of sports. Exercises like conditioning and strength training help athletes keep their body in shape and able to respond to stress. Playing a single sport may lead to returning injuries. If a child quits a sport, it is not very likely they will return. Instead of focusing on a specific sport year round for your child, let them try out multiple sports.

Hydration and sleeping habits

Make sure your student athlete drinks lots of fluids before, during and after a game. Some signs of dehydration include fainting, fatigue, nausea and confusion. Make sure your athlete takes a break for rest during practice and games. This rest includes a proper night’s sleep. Sleep plays an important role in memory storage and analysis. Most adults need seven to eight hours of sleep a night, but a younger child should hoot for eight to ten hour a night.

Take an off-season

Athletes of all ages are encouraged to take a season off to relax, refresh and regroup their minds and bodies. If you still want your child to be active, once the season is over, train them at half the level of in-season intensity for at least three months. This way, their body will still recover while staying in shape.

Follow these tips to keep your student athlete happy and healthy during sporting events. Let us know what other tips you use!

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