Benefits of Putting Your Child in an After-School program

Every parent knows the importance of school and education for their child’s growth, especially in grade school. What some parents don’t realize is that education doesn’t stop after a dismissal bell. After-school programs are an awesome way to further your child’s development and teach them life skills that they will use for the rest of their life. A good program can turn aimless hours after school into an enriching and learning experience.

Here are more benefits of after-school programs:


Leadership skills

Many children are able to take part in leadership roles after school. Being in charge of activities or helping out in an office are great ways to instill leadership. Joining or helping with this kind of activity will give them the work habits they need to succeed in college and the real world.


Less behavioral issues

Another benefit that comes from after-school programs is emotional and behavioral stability. This comes from a positive connection with teammates and authority figures. Staff that work with your child focus on good character traits and acts. This will also teach them open-mindedness and how to be respectful of others. Interacting with other kids will probably form a friendship between peers that is built on trust.



After-school hours are the perfect time to do homework, especially if they need help completing it. This casual environment will be more comfortable leading them to ask more questions. After-school programs can lead to better effort in school and less days being absent. If you struggle with getting your child to finish their homework, put them in a program that will help them feel more confident.


Physical wellness and healthy habits

A great benefit of after-school programs is the opportunity to release energy through physical activity. We offer a wide variety of sports programs for people of all ages! Sports can teach your child about teamwork and sportsmanship. Have staff members educate your child on proper nutrition. Hearing it from another authority figure will help your child learn.

What do you love most about our after-school programs? We would love to hear your thoughts.


DREAM, one of the Midwest’s well-known youth mentoring organizations, provides life-changing and life-enriching experiences to at-risk youth through mentoring and after-school programs in Omaha, Nebraska, and Springfield, Missouri. Their proven approach puts children in a comfortable setting where they’re encouraged to discuss openly, learn, and grow as individuals. Are you interested in getting involved with DREAM? Contact us today.