Eight traits of successful student athletes

When parents and children make the decision to play in youth sports it can be life-changing. At Warren Academy during our Omaha football camps, we’ve noticed eight shared traits among our successful student athletes.

Successful student athletes develop a strong work ethic

Without a good work ethic, students will most likely never come to realize their true potential, even if they have a lot of natural talent.

Athleticism comes from within. Success depends on a young player.

Successful student athletes are self-motivated

Early practices, sweltering hot weather or relentless drills - it takes a lot for athletes to show up every day, ready to go.

Successful student athletes appreciate and possess self-discipline

Working hand in hand with self-motivation, self-discipline is also important for successful student athletes.

Going to bed early, studying after a long exhaustive day and maintaining a healthy diet and lifestyle are just some of the things athletes must do in order to stay in peak physical condition. This requires discipline in their lives.

Successful student athletes appreciate support

It “takes a village” to raise a student athlete. From parents to coaches to fans cheering them on at games, they know their abilities come from within. But, their support system helps them reach success.

Successful student athletes demonstrate an ability to learn

They work with their coaches and trainers to learn different techniques, skills, drills and tips to make themselves better. Coachable athletes tend to be more successful because they also apply this outside of their sport.

Successful student athletes know the importance of teamwork

One or two exceptional standouts aren’t enough to carry the team if the other players aren’t playing well. More than likely, they’ll lose. In a strong team environment, each player wants to win for their team and teammates.

Successful student athletes demonstrate perseverance

Becoming successful is not an overnight endeavor for student athletes. One must stick with it. Practice, play and repeat until success comes. Those who give up aren’t going to achieve their goals or become elite student athletes.

Successful student athletes value competition

A healthy competitive spirit is instilled in most student athletes through years of competitions and practices. They realize how healthy competition can push people to excel and bring out the best in teams.


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