Why Is Speed And Agility Training Important For Youth Football?

From the first games in the fall to the Super Bowl, millions of Americans gather to watch football. Amidst those watchers are children and young adults watching their idols and wishing they could be just like the athletes they see dominating the field.

But what parents and kids might forget is those football players didn’t get to where they are by attending football practice at school and playing in scrimmages in games. Collegiate and professional football players trained day in and day out at camps and workshops to get better, faster and stronger.

Warren Academy offers speed and agility training in Omaha, NE, to help improve the fitness level of young football players.

Here are three reasons why speed and agility training is important for young athletes:

Proper training enhances athleticism at an early age.

Working on technique is important, but speed and agility training in Omaha, NE at Warren Academy will help you improve your athleticism and stand out from your teammates. Cultivating an explosive speed and coordination will increase playing time, allowing them to further develop their on field skills.

Improving athleticism at an early age is crucial to their success. In fact, the National Strength and Conditioning Association exercise specialists recommends children do a variety of movement drills to increase their ability, starting around eight years old. It is never too early to start athletes on speed and agility training.

Effective training is tailored for specific ages.

Young football players are in the midst of developing their skills and talents, which means it is important to find speed and agility workshops tailored to their specific needs. Warren Academy offers five different programs.

Youth Training, for ages eight to 11, works to improve overall athletic ability and is primarily movement based.

Competitive Training, for ages 12 to 14, starts youth on a basic strength program to help them develop explosive power.

Varsity, for ages 15 to 18, is a varsity high school prep program that will focus on sport specific techniques to improve speed, power, explosiveness, agility and conditioning.

College Prep, for ages 18 and up, is tailored towards college athletes, allowing them to reach their full physical and mental potential.

Finally, Warren Academy also offers an Adult Fitness program for those who want to improve their overall health and fitness. Each program is designed to address different ranges of athletic ability, consistently building on what athletes learned in the previous programs with new drills.

Speed and agility training can help prevent future Injuries.

Speed and agility drills can help prevent serious, career-ending injuries in young athletes. Athletes are always on the move. Whether at camps, practices or games, they don’t necessarily get the necessary time to rest and recover. However, speed and agility training can help with durability and proper technique to prevent injuries from occurring.

Football is an incredibly physical sport and the risk of injury can be high. While small injuries like bruises are bound to happen, athletes need to take the proper precautions to prevent major injuries like ACL tears.


Warren Academy, powered by DREAM, has been helping student athletes increase their performance, mentally and physically, since 2008. With over 10 years of service, Warren Academy has helped guide hundreds of athletes to college. Interested in learning more about Warren’s speed and agility training Omaha NE programs? Contact us today!