4 Benefits Of Youth Football

Local Omaha football camps are gearing up for a very busy upcoming season. Summer is the perfect time for your student athletes to work on flexibility, speed, agility, and stamina! Last week on the blog, we covered the unique struggles that student athletes face. Today, we’re going to talk specifically about football and the benefits of youth football in your student’s life!

If your student is unsure if they want to take football on - or you’re unsure on their behalf - check out this list of benefits:

Football Has A Lot Of Health Benefits

Okay, we know… Getting out and exercising is good for everyone! Football is a whole body workout that helps strengthen an athlete’s body. The game of football is physically demanding and gives children, teens, and adults the opportunity to improve not only their speed and agility, but also their strength, hand-eye coordination, and overall cardiovascular health.

Football, Like Most Team Sports, Build A Sense Of Camaraderie And Teamwork

The friendships and bonds that are developed among team members can last for lifetimes. Once children start building these types of friendships, they can often open up to building friendships in other interest areas, too!

Teamwork also comes into play with that camaraderie. While each player starts working toward the goals of the team, but still needs to rely on their own independent skills, teamwork evolves into a masterpiece. This sense of teamwork will work well for them in the future, in almost any career they choose.

Football Instills An Awesome Sense Of Discipline And Work Ethic

Because of the rules associated with the game of football, students need a keen attention to detail. Games can be lost because of one wrong step, one dropped ball, or one mental error. Children who play - and fall in love with - the game of football will be much more disciplined in their lives as a result.

In addition, practicing and playing in all types of weather, whether they want to or not, develops a strong work ethic in student athletes. This also carries over into other aspects of their lives.

Football Toughens Them Up

Since football is such a physical sport, and the risk of injury can be higher than some other sports that children play, bumps and bruises are almost inevitable. While the physical marks will heal over time, players learn how to fight through pain and give their best individual effort, despite any physical limitations which may be present.

In addition to toughening students up physically, football also toughens them up mentally. Football players learn how to fight through physical injuries, overcome a game setback from a bad choice on the field, and how to work as a team. This mental toughness can benefit them later in life!


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