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Assistant Director

Assistant Directors assist the Site Director. Responsibilities will include, but will not be limited to the following: 

  • Planning, supervising, and implementing the program for child care in accordance with the policies and philosophy of the center
  • Gearing the program to the needs of individual styles and paces of learning. 
  • Considering individual children in relationship to their cultural and socioeconomic background. 
  • Treating parents, children, and all staff members with dignity and respect.
  • Helping children become aware of their roles as integral members of a group.
  • Being responsible for the ordered arrangement, appearance, decor, and learning environment of the Community Learning Center. 
  • Assisting the director in explaining the program to visitors. 
  • Assisting the director in supervising the child care staff, ensuring the smooth coordination of all activities, and directing staff and children inter-relationships. 
  • Assisting the director in staff-training activities, demonstrations, and staff evaluations. 
  • Assisting the staff in the effective use of parent/caregiver childcare assistants.
  • Assisting the director in the ongoing evaluation procedures needed to assess the developmental levels of the children. 
  • Assisting the director and staff in family-center relationships. 
  • Attending all staff meetings and recommended training programs. 
  • Attending meetings and conferences of professional organizations appropriate for early childhood education, sometimes as a representative of the center in place of the director.
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