Site Director

Site Director

Site Director manages all the affairs of the Community Learning Center. The director acts and conducts the various components of the after-school program. Tasks include but are not limited to the following:

General Responsibilities:

  • Contacting state and local regulatory agencies   
  • Conforming to health, safety and licensing regulations
  • Handling all matters related to the administration of the many aspects of the center.
  • Keeping records that pertain to the administration of the center
  • Defining policies of admission, attendance, tuition, and educational goals and special policies for youth enrolled.
  • Planning and implementing a program for professional growth
  • Preparing periodic reports on the state of the childcare center.
  • Keeping well-informed of research and new developments.
  • Playing an active role in professional organizations.
  • Maintaining a professional library
  • Planning the yearly calendar of program holidays,
  • Planning and scheduling administrative responsibilities.
  • Supervising the management of program schedules
  • Scheduling the use of shared space and equipment
  • Scheduling the responsibilities of the child care staff
  • Planning and implementing a site evaluation program

Fiscal Responsibilities

  • Operating the center within budget
  • Collect fees and bill child care subsidies
  • Purchasing equipment and supplies
  • Arranging for repairs and maintenance
  • Preparing monthly reports on the status of budget
  • Collecting enrollment fees and tuition
  • Handling petty cash
  • Preparing a year-end budget analysis
  • Maintaining a bookkeeping or an accounting system
  • Planning for and equipping outdoor and indoor areas
  • Keeping inventory records
  • Arranging for custodial care, maintenance, and repairs
  • Managing supplies
  • Replacing equipment and stocking supplies as needed.


  • Preparing job descriptions
  • Recruiting applicants to fill staff vacancies
  • Selecting staff members
  • Recommending staff members for permanent status or separation after their probationary employment period.
  • Arranging for substitute help as needed
  • Conducting regularly scheduled staff meetings
  • Planning and implementing an in-service training program for staff
  • Assisting staff in preparing daily, weekly, and yearly plans
  • Assisting staff in planning individual programs for professional growth and career development,
  • Implementing procedures for meeting with individual staff members to solve any problems that may occur
  • Planning and implementing procedures for keeping accurate records
  • Preparing a staff handbook (update as needed)
  • Keeping personnel records
  • Preparing a personnel policy
  • Supervising staff schedules and vacation days
  • Managing staff time cards and payroll issues


  • Enrolling children on an established priority basis
  • Interviewing parents and caregivers of prospective children
  • Planning for the gradual orientation of newly enrolled children
  • Familiarizing parents and caregivers of newly enrolled children with program policies.
  • Being alert to enrollment needs at all times. 
  • Maintaining an advertising and public relations program to promote
  • enrollments when necessary
  • Parents and Caregivers
  • Maintaining an active system of family-center relationships
  • Planning for the orientation of parents and caregivers to program policies and procedures
  • Planning and administering a parent and caregiver participation program
  • Communicating with parents and caregivers in various ways
  • Helping parents and caregivers form car pools
  • Maintaining a parent and caregiver library, bulletin board and organizing a parent/caregiver resource manual.