Fun activities to do on the weekend with your kids in Omaha

Looking for family fun adventures without ever leaving the city limits of Omaha? The city highlights a trove of amusing activities for the kiddos and you. Explore Omaha and uncover rich local history, live vicariously through cultures, visit iconic landmarks and experience traditions sprinkled in between hidden gems.

Here’s a comprehensive list of things to do in Omaha with your family.


There’s a child in every family who might be the history buff, science aficionado or creative artist. Luckily, Omaha has you covered. Dive into either fine art or a science museum.

Boys Town, Durham Museum, El Museo Latino, Joslyn Art Museum, Kaneko, General Crook House Museum – are just some of the things to opt for when looking for your next excursion.

Playgrounds and parks

If families like to get the blood moving, Omaha features neighborhood parks with modern amenities. Take advantage of the green space to play a game of catch or toss a Frisbee around. Run free and climb through the playgrounds. Enjoy the scenic beauty by walking on a trail.

For your love of animals

If you love animals and want to further enjoy the fun, Omaha boasts an often traveled to and first-class landmark at the Henry Doorly Zoo and Aquarium. If you love the great outdoors and botanical gardens, then there’s also something for you. You and your family can imbibe the beauty of plant and animal life at places like  Fontenelle Forest, Neale woods, Lauritzen Gardens and more.

Skate through life

If you are planning to go to ice-skating with your family, you should know Omaha is the place to be. With  a wide selection to choose from - just decide if you want to be indoors our outdoors based on the season. . Indoor skating remains popular throughout the year, but the activity is special between November and January with the holidays.

If you can’t wait until the fall, indoor skating rinks include Baxter Arena, Grover Ice Rink, Ralston Arena and Moylan Tranquility Iceplex. Come the cooler months, outdoor venues include ConAgra Foods Ice Rink and UNMC Ice Rink.

Why should you keep your kids active and busy?

Science reveals the benefits of living an active and engaging lifestyle: .

Activities help your children grow and maintain  powerful bones and muscles

Keeping them busy leads to healthy growth and development

It helps in augmenting skills and perks up balance

With physical activities, your kids will maintain and reach a suitable weight

Keeping your kids active and busy builds a child’s self-esteem

Introducing healthy and positive stimuli early in your child’s life, whether physically or mentally,  later proves to be significant. Kids are touched by happiness when they move while being encouraged to explore the world around them. Share moments that will  inspire and transform their lives for good, forever.