What We Do



Speed & Agility 

Our speed and agility program is designed to work with athletes of any sport in the mechanics of linear speed, agility and multi-directional quickness. We will focus on acceleration, improving maximum velocity, and the correct technique needed for sprinting. Athletes will learn the appropriate movement patterns necessary to have a more explosive first step and improve top-end speed.

Note: Athletes are divided into groups based on age and skill level.

  • Our Speed and Agility program is 2 days per week for 5 weeks.
  • Class will be from 7-8 PM, Monday and Wednesday.
  • Each session we will focus on developing linear and lateral speed, coordination, quickness and agility.
  • Athletes will be pre and post tested at the beginning and end of each session. 

Session 1: Sept. 4 - Oct. 6th
Session 2: Oct. 15 - Nov. 17th
Session 3: Nov. 26 - Dec. 22nd
* Xmas Break Days: Dec. 27, 28 & 29th / Jan. 2,3 & 5th
Session 4: Jan. 7 - Feb. 9th
Session 5: Feb. 18th - Mar. 23rd
Session 6: Apr. 1 - May 4th
End of School Camp: May 13 - 18th