WA 7v7

14|15U: December 2, 2023, Current 7-9 Grade 
18U: December 3, 2023, Current 10-11 Grade
December 2 & 3 Tryout (complete)
Note: If you are interested in trying out for our team and missed the tryout, please contact us and request an opportunity to. 

12U: Development Academy Invite | December 17, 2023
Current 5 & 6 Grade (Athletes aged 12 or younger before Jan. 1, 2024)

18U + 15U + 14U 7v7
Development > Hype

Warren Academy is the originator of Club 7v7 in Nebraska. For close to a decade, WA has help develop and assistant hundreds of young players with aspirations of playing college and pro football. 

WA athletes are proven to be more prepared for the fall due to the training and reps from our 7v7 development program. Our athletes dominate during summer camp season and set themselves apart from the competition fighting for the same recruiting exposure. 

7v7 Travel Team 
WA7v7 Travel Team rosters are constructed based on age, ability and team needs. Roster spots are never final with us. Throughout the season, we will evaluate rosters based on need, attendance and performance. 

18U Travel Team: Athletes aged 16 or older as of Jan. 1, 2024, or current 10 and 11 grade.
15U Travel Team: Athletes aged 15 or younger as of Jan. 1, 2024, or current 8 and 9 grade.
14U Travel Team: Athletes aged 14 or younger as of Jan. 1, 2024, or current 7 and 8 grade.

Development Academy (DA) | 12U 
The purpose of our DA program is to help enhance football fundamentals through skill training and competition. The game of football has evolved over the years from a run heavy game to a vertical passing game. Our goal is to help prepare the younger generation of players and equip them with the tools to excel in today's game. During the course of the 7v7 season, the DA program works on a weekly basis to sharpen their skills. 

How does the 12U travel team selection work?
Skill development is our primary focus at this level. We do not believe in cutting at this age group, so every athlete that participates in the Development Academy will be eligible to make the travel team. Our staff will select players we feel are ready to compete on our travel team over the course of our training sessions.